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Last Updated: 02/08/2019

RoboKiosk® - Party Robots


Yes, we have PARTY ROBOTS available for Rent.  Our Robotic Servers can be programmed to do just about any task you can imagine.  One of our first DEMO's; crack an egg using an industrial robot then we went further and cooked an egg muffin sandwich.

Our robot has dozens of programs, 1 such sequence would retrieve a long neck bottle from a mini refrigerator and open it using Robot Arm 2.  At the same time Robot Arm 1 would retrieve a 16oz plastic cup from a dispenser.  The RoboKiosk® would pour the contents into the cup dropping the emply bottle into a trash bin.  In the YouTube video link below, our Robotic Bartender is serving a bottle of Angry Orchard Hard Cider, a bottle of Heineken Lager into a plastic cup, and 2 cups of New Castle Brown Ale Draft Beer from a mini-keg.

Video with RoboKiosk® serving from a wine bottle:

Video with RoboKiosk® serving draft & bottle beer:


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YouTube - RS TECH


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