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Last Updated: 02/17/2017

RoboKiosk® - Party Robots

Yaskawa Motoman SDA10 NX100 Robotiq Grippers Robot Kiosk Robot For Sale`

Yes, you read the heading correctly, we have PARTY ROBOTS available for Rent.  Our Robotic Servers can be programmed to do just about any task you can imagine.

One of our first DEMO's was to crack an egg using an industrial robot?  From there we thought, hey, lets cook and egg muffin sandwich.  Click on the YouTube icon to see the results as we created an egg sandwich cooking robot.

Our 1st version RoboKiosk® #eggsandwichrobot appeared on BBC One Television "Tomorrow's Food" episode 3


The robot is now programmed to retrieve a long neck bottle from a refrigerator, open it, while retrieving a 16oz plastic cup from a dispenser.  Then our Robotic Service robot pours the contents into the cup and drops the emply bottle into the trash.  In the YouTube video link below, our Robotic Bartender is pouring a Heineken Lager Beer.


 We'll be adding a draft pour option in the coming weeks.

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YouTube - RS TECH


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